10th International Oat Conference,

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The International Oat Conferences are held every four years and attended by ~150 participants from a wide range of countries (30 represented in 2016). Workshops cover all aspects of oat research, from taxonomy to agronomy. IBERS participants chaired a number of these sessions and gave oral presentations;

Langdon - An Oat Nested Association Mapping Population

Howarth - Developing Enhanced Breeding Methodologies for Oats

Griffiths - The Use of Disease Resistance Alleles in the UK Oat Breeding Programmes

Side meetings discussed ECPGR activities and initiatives for hexaploid oat genome sequencing, which were followed up at the PAG 2017 meeting in San Diego. Collaborations were initiated with University of Life Sciences, Lublin, and VIR, St Petersburg, while existing collaborations were discussed and further developed with groups in Kazakhstan, Turkey, Germany, Japan and others.

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