9th International Oat Conference

Gweithgaredd: Cymryd rhan mewn digwyddiad neu drefnu digwyddiadCynhadledd


Talks given on " Genetic analysis of beta glucan content in oats", "Variation in fatty acid composition within breeding lines of novel oat varieties as potential ruminant feeds" and "Comparative physiology of oats, wheat and barley with particular emphasis on winter oat cultivars".
Posters presented on "Development and use of naked oats in the United Kingdom", "Comparison of nitrogen use efficiency in husked and naked oats" and "Why size matters: Grain shape analysis of Avena sativa L."

Cyfnod18 Meh 201223 Meh 2012
Math o ddigwyddiadCynhadledd
LleoliadBeijing, TsieinaDangos ar fap
Graddau amlygrwyddRhyngwladol