Dance as Reslience

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A Contribution to the panel on Diverse Bodies and Inclusive Dance
Argiong that dance is ‘... a means of self production that is an aspect of resilience, through interrelationship...’ (Ames 2020, p. 107), the presentation extends that idea and considers learning/intellectual disability, dance and the terms and practices of interrelationship that, whilst related, might challenge the notion of inclusion. Learning disabled people engage in self production that must be resistant to social reifications of deficiency, lack, often shame, and, the necessary dependencies on non disabled people that mitigate against agentic independent existence yet are needed for survival. Dance is a means of such a resistant self production via apperances before audiences that actualize presence, self, social connectivity and skill.
Cyfnod15 Hyd 2022
Teitl y digwyddiadDance Studies Association: Dancing Reslience 2022
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LleoliadVancouver via Zoom, CanadaDangos ar fap
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