EUCARPIA Cereals Section – I T M I Joint Conference

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"The PGR Secure consortium and the European Association for Research on Plant Breeding (EUCARPIA) convened a joint international conference on utilization and conservation of crop wild relative (CWR) and landrace (LR) diversity for crop improvement. The conference showcased novel characterization techniques and conservation strategies to identify and preserve CWR and LR traits to increase options for crop improvement as a means of underpinning food security in the face of climate change. It brought together the international community to debate the current status and future enhanced utilisation of CWR and LR diversity for improving agricultural production, increasing food security and sustaining the environment. The conference was a landmark in PGR science, highlighting exotic plant germplasm as a potentially critical but neglected resource for crop improvement.
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Cyfnod29 Meh 201404 Gorff 2014
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