Gladys of Harlech and the Wars of the Roses

  • Rita Singer (Siaradwr gwadd)
  • Antony Carr (Siaradwr gwadd)

Gweithgaredd: Sgwrs neu gyflwyniadSgwrs wadd


As an addition to our advertised prgramme, on Tuesday, June 13th, the Society will be joining with Honno Press to launch a new edition of Gladys of Harlech. The book was first published in 1858 and written by Louisa Matilda Spooner (1820-1886) of Maentwrog. A historical novel, it centres on the siege of Harlech Castle during in the Wars of the Roses.

At the launch Dr Singer will discuss the book and its history. She will be joined by the distinguished historian Professor Antony Carr, who specialises in late medieval Welsh history. He will explain the significance of the Wars of the Roses in Wales, focusing especially on the siege of Harlech Castle from 1461-68.
Cyfnod13 Meh 2017
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