H2O Life and Death

  • Sara Jones (Cyfranogwr)

Gweithgaredd: Cymryd rhan mewn digwyddiad neu drefnu digwyddiadGweithdy, Seminar, neu Cwrs


The University of Adelaide and the EU Centre for Global Affairs convened a conference with the J.M. Coetzee Centre for Creative Practice, called: H20: Life and Death. TIMELINE, (featuring footage associated with two research projects: Troubled Waters and Hydrocitizenship) was one of the films screened at an event that was open to the public. According to Professor Christina Slade (representing the Global Academy of Liberal Arts): 'There were calls for Sara's powerfully polemic and moving documentary to be shown more widely'. Dr Jenny Newell (Acting Director, Australian Museum) praised the film as engaging and touching, and the conference organiser Camille Marie Eugenie Rouliere reported that the film 'generated a very interesting debate on what the Humanities can contribute to changing people's (unsustainable) behaviours'.
Cyfnod21 Maw 2017
Math o ddigwyddiadCynhadledd
LleoliadAdelaide, AwstraliaDangos ar fap
Graddau amlygrwyddRhyngwladol