Miscanthus Safari and Symposium 2014

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In November 2014, a Miscanthus Safari event was held to bring together policy makers and industry and funding bodies to hear the state of the art in Miscanthus research and to visit the extensive field trials established at Aberystwyth that contain the largest diverse collections of Miscanthus germplasm outside of Asia. The aim of the event was to highlight the progress that had been made over the last decade in the improvements in Miscanthus variety development and agronomy. In the previous 10 years a plant from the wild in Asia had been subject to modern biology and breeding approaches, to result in the trialling of experimental seed based hybrids being trialled by commercial partners on farms in the UK. This progress had only been made possible by the investment of public (principally BBSRC and Defra) and private funds. On the first day attendees visited the field sites to observe a range of activities from agronomic developments, new hybrid nurseries and large field scale analysis of carbon flux. The day was rounded off by a talk from a leading UK bioenergy crop company Terravesta on their work addressing technical and commercial barriers to large scale deployment of Miscanthus. The second day saw talks on diverse germplasm collections, developing new molecular technologies including genetic maps, germplasm and agronomic improvements for a maturing market, the environmental credentials of Miscanthus cultivation and matching land area and policy goals. The meeting emphasised the importance of biomass crops in helping moderate the effects of climate change and the short timescales over which such crops are required to deliver significant impacts. This challenge requires investment and progress to be made across a broad range of diverse research and commercial fields and was reflected in the diverse presentations across the two days.

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