Online Place-based Storytelling Training for Myanmar teachers

Gweithgaredd: Cymryd rhan mewn digwyddiad neu drefnu digwyddiadGweithdy, Seminar, neu Cwrs


Organise a 5-week online training for Myanmar teachers, who are either displaced or working in conflict zones due to the military coup and civil wars. The focus of the training is to introduce a storytelling method for teachers to use in their respective classrooms, in order to encourage place-based learning and to create student-led content as textbooks that reflect local/ethnic demands and replaces educational materials dictated by the central (military) government.
Each weekly session lasted for 2.5 to 3 hours. Four facilitators (incl. three external partners) and about 36 Myanmar teachers attended this training, with positive feedback. A brief profile of trainee teachers:
- of diverse ethnicities
- of diverse religions
- from all 15 administrative regions of Myanmar
- balancing between male, female, and non-binary
- age group between 20s and early 50s, most are in 20s and 30s
- having received at least the first year of the Bachelor education
- most having teaching experience in all types of schools (except private schools/tutors)
- having reasonable IT and English skills
Cyfnod18 Hyd 202315 Tach 2023
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