Presentation on SUREROOT PROJECT

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Series of visits to IBERS and NPPC to discus the SUREROOT Project. Participants include member of 25 Germinal seed growers & merchants training course, British Association of Seed Growers (farmers),15 members of Montgomery YFC rural affairs committee, another 15 Germinal seed merchants, 15 representatives from FUW, 15 Fulbright students, NZ lamb producers, another 18 Germinal seed growers, Uruguay Trade Fair to meet overseas distributors, 8 Nuffield scholars,15 members of Irish Farmer Discussion Group, Semilais FITO (Spanish distributor), Germinal UK & Ireland,  Farm Platform tour with Phil Murray for AHDB Consultants Training Day
Cyfnod18 Maw 201629 Tach 2016
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