‘Scenographic Things/Scenography Objects’ TaPRA Interim Conference

  • Richard Downing (Siaradwr gwadd)

Gweithgaredd: Cymryd rhan mewn digwyddiad neu drefnu digwyddiadCynhadledd


In this presentation Richard Downing will discuss recent practice-led research emanating from his on-going design and development of the ‘Scenographic Thing’, The Fractal Clock. Over the past four years this project has taken the scenographer into a number of potentially objectionable territories including mathematics, physics, psychology, fractal geometry and the problems of splitting the hertz. These journeys have been made in the pursuit of an aesthetic vision, revealing disciplinary ‘pathways’ as a system of labyrinthine interconnections not unlike fractal geometry itself. Having previously focused upon the visual/spatial aspects of the project, more recent work has been concerned with aural patterns and rhythms latent in the mathematics of motion involved. Downing will address the outcome of these concerns with reference to a companion ‘scenographic thing’ presented for the first time at the research seminar – a suitcase of ticking. A sonic pocket-watch in relation to The Fractal Clock, this suitcase ticks with nine rhythms of self-similarity, which nonetheless only align in absolute terms after the passage of 3600 seconds (or one hour). Aesthetically, this object may express something of a common preference for chaos of a certain order, whilst in the process of this presentation/demonstration, a quiet argument will be made for scenography to continue to object to latent notions of boundary.
Math o ddigwyddiadCynhadledd
LleoliadDublin, IwerddonDangos ar fap