Series of Open days- promotion of projects

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Series of Open days. this included; The skills workshop took place on 11-12 September 2014 at Aberystwyth University in the UK. The aim of the workshop was to give participants practical experience of a number of phenomics and metabolomics analyses, and included demonstrations by a number of manufacturers attending to show new cutting edge technology in this field including the National Plant Phenomics Centre at Aberystwyth. The subject of the workshop was to provide researchers with an opportunity to increase and refine their knowledge of advanced phenomics with particular emphasis on getting first-hand experience of the advanced phenomics facilities at the newly opened UK National Phenomics Centre at Aberystwyth. Phenotyping is the cornerstone of genetic improvement through selection with breeders selecting desired strains by observing growth, vigour, incidences of disease etc. and of course yield. The workshop gave participants experience of modern precision phenotyping combining precise management of the plants' environment and advanced imaging to measure the responses of genotypes to different conditions. In addition to imaging, observations include sampling to examine the metabolic responses of plants were covered by the workshop thus linking the detailed observations of differences between plants to differences in the underlying genome; Discussions of similarities and differences between US and Wales bioeconomy practices; Presentation and discussions on future farming and the potential of biorefining, creating new markets for agricultural outputs. These were presented in the events and tot he groups: - Aberystwyth University Access All Areas, Coleg Cambria visit, Genomics-assisted breeding, School Science Week 2016, Welshpool Earth Science group visit, Visit of Fulbright scholars to Beacon, Skills Workshop on Phenomics and Metabolomics, WATBIO Stakeholder meeting and Workshop SouthAfrica.
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