Shadows from Atlantis: Photography, Pagans and Nazis.

  • Christopher Webster (Siaradwr)

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I have been invited to deliver a public lecture at Treadwell's bookshop in Bloomsbury. This invitation came as a result of a chapter contribution I had made to a Michigan State University book 'Esotericism, Art and Imagination' in 2006. Treadwells is a bookshop specialising in magic, esotericism and the occult. Paganism, wicca, and druidry, but also literature, history, culture & classics.
Cyfnod16 Meh 2016
Teitl y digwyddiadShadows from Atlantis: Photography, Pagans and Nazis.
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LleoliadLondon, Teyrnas Unedig Prydain Fawr a Gogledd IwerddonDangos ar fap