“The Writer’s Audience is [Not] Always a Fiction”: REFraming/Rephrasing Our Research to Maximise Impact

  • Harry Heuser (Siaradwr)

Gweithgaredd: Sgwrs neu gyflwyniadCyflwyniad llafar


Taking Walter J. Ong’s oft-quoted statement and my editorial response to it as a starting point, this presentation draws on my experience of crossing/redrawing disciplinary boundaries and of creating public-facing multi-component outputs (e.g., monograph, exhibitions, gallery talks) to extend the reach of my collaborative research projects.

It invites a debate about the potential benefits – and challenges – of audience-minded strategies to repackage our written outputs in style (register, vocabulary) and composition, and the perceived or actual effect such efforts in reframing/rephrasing have on the content or integrity of our research. In other words (and there are always other words), how might our research become transformed and reactivated by the ways we communicate it?
Cyfnod09 Chwef 2022
Teitl y digwyddiadWriting for the REF
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