Aberystwyth Promenade - Memories of breaking the Guinness World Record

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No visit to Aberystwyth is complete without a walk along the Prom! Local historian John Weston relates some of the experiences of the early tourists who appreciated the health benefits of being beside the sea as much as we do today. The Prom is the perfect stage for events. Jane Hoy takes us back to 1896 to meet Percy Meye, the skirt dancer who performed for the Prince and Princess of Wales. Jo Engelkamp remembers some of the Peace demonstrations during the 1980s while several women who went to Aberystwyth’s first Gay Pride on the Prom in 2012 enjoy reminiscing about the event. Naveed Arshad shares his memories of breaking the Guinness World Record for the Longest Human Archway Relay on St David’s Day, 2020

Cyfnod28 Gorff 2021

Cyfraniadau i’r wasg


Cyfraniadau i’r wasg

  • TeitlIt Happened in Aber
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    Dyddiad cyhoeddi28 Gorff 2021
    DisgrifiadThe Ceredigion Museum’s audio tour consists of a map and a series of stories relating to five Aberystwyth locations, and it begins and ends at the museum.

    The tour will be of interest both to residents of Aberystwyth and to visitors who wish to learn more about the town’s colourful history and the characters, events and stories that have shaped it.

    To access the audio tour go directly to the Ceredigion Museum website and you will be able to download the audio tour map or call into the museum to get a copy.

    To produce the tour, the museum worked with the local community, historians and a digital storytelling expert to capture the untold stories of Aberystwyth and connect the wider community on digital platforms.
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