Data and code from: Preen oil composition of Pied Flycatchers is similar between partners but differs between sexes and breeding stages

  • M Gilles (Lluniwr)
  • Rienk Fokkema (Lluniwr)
  • Peter Korsten (Lluniwr)
  • Barbara A. Caspers (Lluniwr)
  • Tim Schmoll (Lluniwr)

Set ddata


Overview of the repository content
Data and code for the analyses in R
raw_chemdata.txt contains the raw chromatographic data of the preen oil samples.
raw_metadata.csv contains the raw metadata of the preen oil samples.
metadata_variables_description.csv describes the variables of the metadata.
AppendixS1_Rcode.pdf and AppendixS1_Rcode.Rmd contain the code used for the analyses conducted in R.

Data and file for the analyses in PRIMER
chemdata_aligned_PRIMER.txt contains both the chromatographic data (aligned in R, see AppendixS1_Rcode.pdf) and the metadata for the analyses in PRIMER.
data_continuous contains the metadata about the continuous variables (date, time, concentration) which should be added as a separate data file for the analyses in PRIMER.
PRIMERanalysis is a PRIMER workspace file containing the analyses conducted in PRIMER.
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