Long-term temporal trends in gastrointestinal parasite infection in wild Soay sheep

  • Jerzy Behnke (Cyfrannwr)
  • Dylan Childs (Cyfrannwr)
  • Yolanda Corripio-Miyar (Cyfrannwr)
  • Andy Fenton (Cyfrannwr)
  • Mariecia Fraser (Cyfrannwr)
  • Adam Hayward (Lluniwr)
  • Fiona Kenyon (Cyfrannwr)
  • Tom McNeilly (Cyfrannwr)
  • Robin J. Pakeman (Cyfrannwr)
  • Amy Pedersen (Cyfrannwr)
  • Josephine Pemberton (Cyfrannwr)
  • Jill Pilkington (Cyfrannwr)
  • Amy Sweeny (Cyfrannwr)
  • Kenneth Wilson (Cyfrannwr)

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Data associated with "Long-term temporal trends in gastrointestinal parasite infection in wild Soay sheep", published in the journal Parasitology. Data consist of samples collected from individuals in the Augusts of 1988-2018 and the prevalence and abundance of different parasites: fec (strongyles), foc (coccidia), nematodirus, trichuris, capillaria, and moniezia. The suffic "-prev" indicates that this is a variable indicating the presence or absence of a given parasite. The "anthelmintic" variable is a binary variable stating whether or not an animal had been treated with an anthelmintic in the 12 months prior to sample collection.

The attached file(s) contain data derived from the long term field project monitoring individual Soay sheep on St Kilda and their environment. This is a request to please let us know if you use them. Several people have spent the best part of their careers collecting the data. If you plan to analyse the data, there are a number of reasons why it would be very helpful if you could contact Dan Nussey ([email protected]) before doing so.

[NB. If you are interested in analysing the detailed project data in any depth you may find it helpful to have our full relational database rather than the file(s) available here. If so, then we have a simple process for bringing you onto the project as a collaborator.]

1) The data can be subject to change due to updates in the pedigree, merging of records, occasional errors and so on.
2) The data are complex and workers who do not know the study system may benefit from advice when interpreting it.
3) At any one time a number of people within the existing project collaboration are analysing data from this project. Someone else may already be conducting the analysis you have in mind and it is desirable to prevent duplication of effort.
4) In order to maintain funding for the project(s), every few years we have to write proposals for original analyses to funding agencies. It is therefore very helpful for those running the project to know what data analyses are in progress.
5) Individual identifiers may vary relative to other data archives from papers using the individual-level data.
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  • Long-term temporal trends in gastrointestinal parasite infection in wild Soay sheep

    Hayward, A., Behnke, J., Childs, D., Corripio-Miyar, Y., Fenton, A., Fraser, M., Kenyon, F., McNeilly, T., Pakeman, R. J., Pedersen, A., Pemberton, J., Sweeny, A., Wilson, K. & Pilkington, J., 02 Tach 2022, Yn: Parasitology. 149, 13, t. 1749-1759 11 t.

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