Proglacial river discharge from the Greenland Ice Sheet measured in spring/summer 2012

  • David Matthew Chandler (Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, University of Bristol) (Lluniwr)
  • Jemma L. Wadham (Lluniwr)
  • Peter W. Nienow (Lluniwr)
  • Samuel Doyle (Lluniwr)
  • Andrew J. Tedstone (Lluniwr)
  • Jon Telling (Lluniwr)
  • Jon R. Hawkings (Lluniwr)
  • Jonathan D. Alcock (Lluniwr)
  • Benjamin Linhoff (Lluniwr)
  • Alun Hubbard (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, University of Oulu) (Lluniwr)

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Proglacial river discharge was monitored using stage measurements (collected by a HOBO pressure sensor) and dye dilution gauging at a stable bedrock section near the terminus of Leverett Glacier, 67.09N -50.23E. Here we report hourly means of measurements made at 1 minute intervals. The same method has been used at this site over several melt seasons and is described in detail by Bartholomew et al. (2011, and Tedstone et al. (2013,
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Sylw tymhorol13 Mai 2012 - 07 Medi 2012
Diwedd cynhyrchu data13 Mai 2012 - 07 Medi 2012
Sylw daearyddol67.09,-50.23

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