Supraglacial river discharge into Moulin L41A on the Greenland Ice Sheet measured in spring/summer 2012

  • David Matthew Chandler (Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, University of Bristol) (Lluniwr)
  • Jemma L. Wadham (Lluniwr)
  • Peter W. Nienow (Lluniwr)
  • Samuel Doyle (Lluniwr)
  • Andrew J. Tedstone (Lluniwr)
  • Jon Telling (Lluniwr)
  • Jon R. Hawkings (Lluniwr)
  • Jonathan D. Alcock (Lluniwr)
  • Benjamin Linhoff (Lluniwr)
  • Alun Hubbard (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, University of Oulu) (Lluniwr)

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Supraglacial river discharge was measured by monitoring water depth with a custom-built pressure sensor, at 1-minute intervals, and converting depth to discharge with a rating curve established from salt dilution gauging. Here we report 1-hour means of the 1-minute measurements. This method is well suited to supraglacial river gauging as the electrical conductivity of supraglacial melt water is very low. The pressure sensor was installed on the bottom of the channel and was able to move downwards with the ice surface as the channel gradually incised. Full details are provided in the online supplement to Wadham et al. (2016) at
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Sylw tymhorol16 Meh 2012 - 09 Awst 2012
Diwedd cynhyrchu data16 Meh 2012 - 09 Awst 2012
Pwynt Geo-ofodol66.97,-49.27Dangos ar fap

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