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Alexander Hubbard

BA (Aberystwyth) MA (University College London) PhD (Aberystwyth), Dr


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My PhD considered how the contemporary novel can consider and complicate understandings of shared places. My short stories have appeared in Prole, The Forge, Cerasus, Bandit Fiction and Nawr, and my poetry has appeared in the Abergavenny Small Press Literary Journal. Currently, I am working on a speculative fiction novel about shrinking shorelines, and an article on poetry depicting marginalised urban spaces. More generally, my research interests include space and place, the neoliberalisation of place, historiographic metafiction, experimental fiction and speculative fiction. 


Having previously studied at Aberystwyth for my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, I returned in 2019 for my PhD in Creative Writing after receiving an MA in literary studies from University College London. I now lecture in both English Literature and Creative Writing for the department, and this is reflected in my approach to my research interests, which I explore through scholarly and creative work.

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