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Ellen Hjort

BA Human Geography (Aberystwyth University), MA Practising Human Geography (Aberystwyth University)


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Grants and awards

2020: Gregynog and James Fairgrieve Prize


Ellen Hjort is a PhD research student in Human Geography at Aberystwyth University. Her research interests revolve around rural citizenship, rural marginalisation, migration and whiteness. Currently, Ellen is aiming to research rural Wales and Northern Sweden (Norrland). Her research is funded by ESRC Wales.

She completed a BA in Human Geography, with a dissertation exploring how discourses of the rural and of Northern Sweden (Norrland) affected the identities of young adults who had chosen to stay in rural Norrland. For the MA in Practising Human Geography at Aberystwyth University, Ellen explored migration discourses in two Welsh media sources and how they contribute to the understanding of the Welsh nation.

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Hjort, E. 2023. 'Marginalisation through the eyes of the othered: Young adults choosing to live in rural Northern Sweden', Journal of Rural Studies, 97:601-609, doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jrurstud.2023.01.011

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