Esra Erdem

PhD Student in Economics, Business School

  • Teyrnas Unedig Prydain Fawr a Gogledd Iwerddon

Os gwnaethoch unrhyw newidiadau yn Pure byddwch yn gallu eu gweld yn y fan yma cyn hir.

Proffil personol


I believe that social science is the key to understanding humanity and society. It is the foundation of self-definition. It is obvious that academic success would remain meaningless for a social scientist without social awareness. This awareness caused me to analyze my society at a young age. Reading the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, before taking the university entrance exam, was instrumental in my decision to choose economics is the best discipline for me. After successfully completing an undergraduate program of 4 years at Ankara University and master's degree at the University of Exeter which are the most prestigious and established the university, I am carrying on my PhD degree at privileged university like the University of Aberystwyth in the area of Economics and Finance. Completing degrees in the same place that the best economists grew would be my strong side as an economist and opportunity for my career. In my opinion, the university context is the most appropriate place for a person to push their limits of power of thought. Because of this, I wish to take part in many fields of academic.


PhD student in Business School



Gwybodaeth ychwanegol

At the social stage of my university life I dealt with many sports as an amateur. I am also a licensed national referee in many sports. Additionally, I attended two World Championship as a referee. These experiences helped me to be more self-confident and taught me to perform in all conditions and the challenges they bring. 

 Lastly, and perhaps the most significant experience that I have had, involves my interaction with state institutions and organizations. I have contributed to the research paper of the Prime Ministry of the Republic of Turkey called as '' The Impact of the Sovereign Wealth Fund on the Economic Growth: Panel Data Analysis for Countries Using SWF.'' in analysis and writing stage ever since September.  After passing both a face-to-face interview and written exam, I was selected as a candidate for a state sponsored program that sends students abroad for graduate education (YLSY) at no cost for the student. The Turkish Ministry of National Education has committed to give me the opportunity to do my Masters and PhD with this scholarship. Hence, my PhD fully funding is through a Turkish Ministry of Education scholarship program, specifically for PhD study in the UK. Importantly, my scholarship allows me to be flexible in the area of research that I undertake. And also, within the scope of this scholarship I will continue to my academic works as an assistant professor at Turkish University after I finished the PhD program.

Arbenigedd sy’n gysylltiedig â NDC y CU

Yn 2015, cytunodd gwladwriaethau sy’n aelodau'r Cenhedloedd Unedig ar 17 o Nodau Datblygu Cynaliadwy (NDC) byd-eang i ddod â thlodi i ben, diogelu’r blaned a sicrhau ffyniant i bawb. Mae gwaith y person hwn yn cyfrannu at y NDC canlynol:

  • NDC 8 - Gwaith Teilwng a Thwf Economaidd