Eva Balgova

BSc Psychology (University of Liverpool), MSc Clinical & Health Psychology (Bangor), PhD Cognitive Neuroscience (Bangor), AFHEA


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Eva joined the Department of Psychology at Aberystwyth University (AU) as a lecturer by teaching and research in September 2022. She recently defended her doctoral thesis titled: ‘Towards the general semantics account of social cognition: neuroimaging and neurostimulation evidence’ and will soon be awarded a PhD by Bangor University (BU). Prior to her PhD, Eva completed an MSc in Clinical and Health Psychology at Bangor University and a BSc in Psychology at the University of Liverpool. In the past, she was involved in research work on resilience across the lifespan and emotion regulation. Her present interests are strongly oriented toward exploring the link between semantic, social, and affective processing and the relationship between semantics and social perception. Eva completed projects investigating the underlying neural mechanisms of semantic processing of various types of social concepts. Currently, she is involved in multi-site projects aiming to disentangle the neural underpinnings of social interaction perception and the nature of embodied semantics. As a researcher, Eva employs a multi-method approach that includes behavioural testing, neuroimaging, and non-invasive brain stimulation. In terms of her future research plans, she is keen to explore ways to translate basic science outcomes into developing assessment tools and interventions suitable to manage socio-affective impairments. Eva is a member of the Society of Neurobiology of Language (SNL) and British Neuropsychological Society (BNS) and enjoys close collaborative work with The Bangor Imaging Unit (BIU), The Conceptual Knowledge & Communication Lab and The Developmental Social Vision Lab at BU as well as international collaborations with researchers from the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at Radboud University and the University of Granada. Eva is an associate teaching fellow of the Academy of Higher Education (AFHEA), and her teaching responsibilities at the AU Department of Psychology comprise delivering content on modules focused on biopsychology, such as Behavioural Neuroscience and Brain, Behaviour & Cognition. She is deeply interested in enhancing students’ digital literacy and finding ways of improving student well-being. Amongst her administrative responsibilities, Eva is an organiser of the departmental research seminar series and a member of the marketing & recruitment committee as well as the departmental research committee. Currently, Eva is working on establishing her own research group and developing new collaborations with the Centre for Ageing and Dementia Research (CADR).

Addysg / Cymwysterau academaidd

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience, Prifysgol Bangor | Bangor University

01 Hyd 201827 Maw 2023

Dyddiad Dyfarnu: 01 Gorff 2023

Associate Fellow (AFHEA), Advance HE

01 Hyd 201826 Mai 2022

Dyddiad Dyfarnu: 26 Mai 2022

Safleoedd allanol

Research Associate (short fixed-term) at the Developmental Social Vision Lab, Prifysgol Bangor | Bangor University

01 Gorff 202230 Medi 2022

Graduate Instructor (casual), Prifysgol Bangor | Bangor University

01 Hyd 201830 Meh 2022

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