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Dr Rosie Johnson is a Lecturer in the Department of Physics, Aberystwyth University. Rosie graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2014 with a MPhys, spending the last semester of her final year studying at the University Centre Svalbard (UNIS). She then went on to complete her PhD at University of Leicester (Infrared Observations of Jupiter’s Ionosphere). The focus of her PhD research was using ground-based infrared telescopes to measure the spectral emission of the charged molecule, H3+, that exists in the upper atmosphere of Jupiter. Rosie analysed several properties from the H3+ spectra, mapping them onto projections of Jupiter’s northern hemisphere. This research has advanced our understanding of the interaction between the solar wind and the aurora at Jupiter. During her PhD, Rosie was awarded about 76 hours of highly competitive observing time at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility in Hawaii.

Rosie also has experience working in the outdoor, education, and outreach sectors: she worked as a white-water raft guide in Austria, a northern lights guide in Finland, and as an Education Coordinator for the Royal Society of Chemistry, providing regional support to teachers of chemistry in Wales.

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