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Shivani Singh

B.A (Hons) Economics (Hindu College, University of Delhi), M.A in international politics (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi); M.Phil in Diplomacy and Disarmament (Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi)

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Shivani is a third-year PhD candidate working on emerging powers in the global nuclear order. Her research broadly covers the South Asian region with a special focus on India, China and Pakistan, issues concerning nuclear security, safeguards and disarmament. Shivani is the recipient of the AberDoc and President scholarship. 

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Shivani researches ways of explaining the behavior and patterns of engagement of rising powers with different institutions of the global nuclear order such as the Conference on Disarmament, the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and so on. This includes pathways of inclusion of regional peculiarities into the global frameworks around regulation, management, and use of nuclear material and technology.


Part Time Teaching Assistant (PTTS) on the following modules:

IP 12620: Behind the Headlines, 2021-22

IP 12520: Globalisation and Global Development, 2021-22


Shivani is the Chair of the Postgraudate Network Committee, British International Studies Association (BISA). She is also a Research Assistant on Oxford University Press book project on knowledge production in international politics led by Berit Bliesamann de Guevara. 

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