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Toni Beardmore


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Toni Beardmore is a PhD Human Geography student at Aberystwyth University. Her research interests relate to the field of humanistic geography, with specific interests in social-class, education, and identity. Her current research aims to produce a hermeneutic phenomenology of working-class student experiences in a university setting.

Toni's BSc Geography dissertation involved an exploratory analysis of the perpetuation of imaginative geographies of poverty in Britain. This incorporated themes of stereotypes, the ‘Other’, and socio-political tensions.

Her MA Practising Human Geography dissertation was an analysis of media portrayals of an ‘underclass’. This discussed contemporary forms of ‘Class Tourism’, ‘Chav ‘o’ vision' , and ‘Poverty porn’ in British media- particularly television.


GS17100 - Introducing Sociological Research (Seminar Leading)

GS20510 - Social Research Methods (GTA)

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