A climate smart strategy for grassland design to safeguard forage production throughy resilience to multiple stresses amd to mitigate extreme weather events, CLUSTER, Fellow

  • Jones, Davey L. (Prif Ymchwilydd)
  • Kingston-Smith, Alison (Prif Ymchwilydd)
  • Chadwick, D (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Doonan, John (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Gwynn-Jones, Dylan (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Hayes, Felicity (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Hill, P (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Jackson, Colin (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Robinson, David (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Scullion, John (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Wang, Jinyang (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Zang, Huadong (Cyd-ymchwilydd)

Prosiect: Ymchwil a ariannwyd yn allanol

Manylion y Prosiect


Improves our fundamental understanding of how plant-soil interactions in grasslands respond to a combination of environmental stressors (extreme weather events) and how these will affect farm productivity and the delivery of ecosystem services.
Aims to determine the ‘tipping points’ at which environmental stressors cause irreversible negative changes in grassland ecosystem functioning.
Will provide the agricultural industry, policymakers and associated stakeholders with new management tools for future-proofing Welsh agriculture against extremes and uncertainties in weather.
StatwsWedi gorffen
Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym25 Meh 201531 Rhag 2018


  • National Research Network: Low Carbon Energy and the Environment (Funder reference unknown): £191,000.00

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