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BIOREVIEW is a biorefining collaboration between industry and academics in UK and India that aims to develop novel industrial biotechnology (IB) processes to produce value added products from waste streams of the Indian sugar industry. The pilot scale (TRL 4-6) IB solutions will process sugar cane bagasse (SCB) and spent wash (SW) at sufficient quantities to demonstrate viable economic opportunities and waste management options through the development of a bio-product portfolio. This involves demonstrating bio-production of higher value volatile fatty acids (VFAs), xylitol and microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) for the agri, food and pharmaceutical sectors. The scalable IB procedures offer improved environmental sustainability options over conventional manufacture and use membrane technology to increase the product value alongside a novel high productivity IB process for xylitol production from SCB. Delivery of a validated integrated biorefining process design evaluated for its economic, social and environmental benefits will inform diversification strategies and investment plans of the Indian sugarcane industry for commercial production of these commodities from waste streams.
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Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym01 Medi 201828 Chwef 2022


  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BB/S011994/1): £645,536.43

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