(CLOSED) Workshop Event: Vertical farming in Wales- opportunties and challenges of co-location. RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT FUND AWARD.

  • Wootton-Beard, Peter (Prif Ymchwilydd)

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This event brings together Welsh companies, policy makers and farming innovators with members of the Vertical Farming community to dicuss how Vertical Farming will work in Wales and to indentify opportunities to work together on research, business and innovation projects. Speakers at the event are will likely include trend setting enterprises such as Grow Up Urban Farms (Founder Tom Webster), Square Roots (CEO Tobias Peggs), Pontus Aqua (MD Dr Jack James), Association for Vertical Farming (Director Mark Horler), Humble By Nature (Aquaponics Manager Beca Beeby) and Welsh Government members for Energy, High Tech Manufacturing, Food and Aquaculture together with academics from at least 6 universities in Wales.
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Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym03 Ebr 201702 Chwef 2018


  • National Research Network: Low Carbon Energy and the Environment (Funder reference unknown): £7,034.00

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