Crop genomics and biomathematics

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Bioinformaticists in the CGB programme collaborate with their counterparts throughout MONOGRAM in the development of a web-based informatics platform providing genomics analysis/visualisation resources and tools for genetic research, and enabling the transfer of data on the genetic control of target traits between the different monocot crop and model species, thus resulting in significant added value. This work also contributes to international initiatives in the area, particularly Gramene. CGB bioinformaticists participate in development of international standards, for example plant and trait ontologies relevant to monocot crops. They provide the expertise necessary for assembly, annotation and dissemination of the physical map of Lolium and sequencing data. Genetic resources information systems are being further developed to integrate molecular characterisation data as well as passport and field evaluation information; modules from the BBSRC-funded GERMINATE database management system, used throughout MONOGRAM, will facilitate this process. CGB staff also lead the UK's contribution to international initiatives in the area of plant genetic resources conserved ex situ, including expansion of the UK National Inventory and development of the EURISCO European database.

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This funding was for a departmental research programme initially at IGER and then at IBERS and was for work on bioinformatics. The outcomes of this programme have previously been reported to BBSRC. As this was not my area of research and I left over 4 years ago while the programme was still running I am not qualified to comment on the progress of this programme.
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Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym01 Ebr 200801 Ion 2020


  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (Funder reference unknown): £3,106,672.00

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