Extraction and processing of Nucleotides & Glutamates (NAGS) from a non yeast subtrate for salt reduction and umami/kokumi taste enhancement

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There is widespread concern about levels of salt consumption amongst UK consumers. Reducing salt (NaCl) content is often achieved by adding potassium salt (KCl), but this is inherently bitter, cannot be added in large quantities and has it's own health risks. The Quorn manufacturing process generates a water based effluent (Centrate) containing compounds called 5' Nucleotides & Glutamates (NAGs) and some rare sugars. These have been evaluated for use as a component of natural flavouring systems and have been found to be effective as a salt replacer and taste enhancer in savoury vegetarian foods, potato crisps and soups. Other applications have not yet been tested due to unavailability of NAGs in sufficiently large (kg) quantities. The proposed project is designed to evaluate a cost effective way of concentrating the effluent and using enzymes to maximise the NAGs to deliver a highly potent flavouring system. The NAGs can then be used as part of a flavouring system or to reduce added salt in a number of foods. This project is innovative in that, if successful, it will be the UK's first major source of NAGs that are not from a yeast based origin.
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Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym01 Medi 201628 Chwef 2019


  • Innovate UK (102697): £83,128.00

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