Extraction and purification of Calystegines & Iminosugars for use as natural preservatives

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Natural food preservatives to extend the shelf life of processed foods are increasingly important in the provision of food safety in sugar & salt limited recipes. Iminosugars (C&I) are valuable products which have been shown to provide a natural preservative function in foods. Potato manufacturing process generates out of spec potatoes, known to contain the compounds. The proposed project is designed to generate the technical knowledge for extraction, purification & concentration of C&Is & evaluation of effectiveness through testing in chilled & ambient processed food systems. This project is innovative in that, if successful, it will be the UK's first major source of new natural preservatives, likely to be widely used, especially where reduction in salt & sugar may lead to shelf life & food safety issues. The use in food systems will support public health initiatives - weight management, salt & sugar regulation, and progression towards a circular economy via the reduction in food waste, supporting business sustainability and innovation strategies.
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Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym01 Hyd 201730 Medi 2019


  • Innovate UK (TS/P012442/1 103342): £68,812.20

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