Improving competitiveness, resilience and sustainability of dairy production in the High Tropics of Columbia- INSTITUTIONAL LINKS

  • Newbold, Jamie (Prif Ymchwilydd)

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The high tropics account for >40% of milk production in Colombia. However, production based on kikuyu pastures is compromised by its low nutritional value resulting in poor animal performance. This creates major challenges due to the inherent low profitability against a background of increasing global competition. We will catalyse collaboration between Colombia and the UK by provision of expertise, training and resources to support a multidisciplinary project to develop sustainable farming systems through improving pasture quality and animal nutrition. SRUC will provide expertise in plant biology, rumen function, bioinformatics and lipid analysis to help develop strategies to manipulate rumen fermentation to improve animal productivity, decrease GHG emissions and improve milk quality. We will increase the sustainability of dairy production in Colombia supporting the livelihoods of local farmers and increase economic activity in rural communities.
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Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym01 Ebr 201630 Meh 2018


  • Newton fund (4502407836): £256,322.03

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