Knowledge exchange hub (Farming connect)

Prosiect: Ymchwil a ariannwyd yn allanol

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The Hub will distribute information from the latest worldwide research which will then be available to the Farming Connect programme. This information will be disseminated through various knowledge transfer activities, ensuring that it can be taken up in practice on farm and forestry businesses throughout Wales.

It will do this in 3 ways:

Through technical articles that provide the latest thinking on a specific topic. These articles will be published in the Knowledge Exchange Hub technical article library.
By providing technical input and guidance which enables the Farming Connect Demonstration Network to develop projects that can be implemented on farms to showcase innovative ideas and best practice.
By supporting Operational Groups that wish to submit projects for European Innovation Partnership funding, the Hub can undertake literature searches to ensure that projects are evidence based. You can find further details in our European Innovation Partnerships guide.
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Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym11 Tach 201530 Medi 2019


  • Farming Connect (Funder reference unknown): £512,584.44

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