National Spectrum Innovation engineering and Experimentation Centre (N-SIEEC) Research and Development Planning

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This event is to promote the development of a new National Spectrum Innovation, Engineering and Experimentation Centre (N-SIEEC).

QinetiQ Ltd. and Aberystwyth University are partnering to create a cutting edge facility with world renowned expertise - forming a unique combination of expertise, facilities and geographical positioning to promote innovation and new product development and provide invaluable support for industries and organisations using the Radio Spectrum.

The need is being driven to do spectrum research (not just 5G) and minimise the impact of the “innovation valley” by conducting demonstrations/experiments and increasing the pace between concepts and commercialisation. It is also designed to find a way to keep up with the $bn research activities being done (via the national Spectrum Centre) in the US so we don’t end up with an spectrum innovation gap.

The event will update you on the need for the centre and its current development, how it could benefit your work, as well as learning about the facilities and expertise that could be made available to you. Most importantly it will give you an opportunity to influence the centres development by helping to define your requirements of the centre.

The ultimate aim of the centre is to: Create an ecosystem between Government, Industry and Academia to identify and “ Accelerate Spectrum Innovations through Experimentation”
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  • Llywodraeth Cymru | Welsh Government (Funder reference unknown): £56,662.00

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