SMART Silage

  • Fychan, Rhun (Prif Ymchwilydd)
  • Groom, Shaun (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Jones, Philip (Cyd-ymchwilydd)
  • Nunn, Paul (Cyd-ymchwilydd)

Prosiect: Ymchwil a ariannwyd yn allanol

Manylion y Prosiect


SMARTsilage is a project consortium aiming to improve silage efficiency and reduce ensiling losses. All partners are leading names in agricultural feed technology and have a strong desire to drive innovation in silage production through research and technology development. With 5.4m tonnes grass ensiled in Wales annually, valued at £162m/annum, current ensiling losses of 25% result in £40 million loss to the welsh livestock industry The project aims to find solutions through collaboration & develop technologies to improve silage efficiency and reduce overall ensiling losses from 25% down to 20% Losses occur during the ensiling process due to forage particle loss from the system and microbial deterioration. With present losses of £40 million, reducing losses down to 20% will result in savings of £8 million per annum Reducing ensiling losses will Improve silage quality and lead to improved production & animal health. The solution The project consortium will: bring together silage expertise and find solutions through collaboration exploit new and existing technologies to improve silage efficiency aim to reduce overall ensiling losses by 20% On farm implications When ensiling 500 t DM, reducing losses from 25% to 20% leads to: additional 25 t DM silage available additional silage valued at £3,750 (2017 data) Reducing losses will: improve silage quality improve herd health
StatwsWedi gorffen
Dyddiad cychwyn/gorffen dod i rym01 Tach 201731 Ion 2019


  • Smart Expertise - Welsh Government (Funder reference unknown): £54,121.72

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