A Framework for the Study and Application of Self-talk within Sport

James Hardy, Emily Oliver, David Tod

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Advances in Applied Sport Psychology aims to bridge the gap between research and practice in contemporary sport psychology. Now available in paperback, the book draws together reviews of cutting edge research in key areas of applied sport psychology, assesses the implications of this research for current practice, and explores future avenues of research within each thematic area. This book surveys the scientific literature underpinning the most important skills and techniques employed in contemporary sport psychology, examining key topics such as: * imagery * goal setting * self-talk * stress management * team building * efficacy management * attention control * emotion regulation * mental toughness. Representing the most up-to-date review of current scientific research, theory and practice in sport psychology, this book is a vital resource for all advanced students, researchers and practitioners working with athletes and sports performers.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
TeitlAdvances in Applied Sport Psychology: A Review
GolygyddionStephen D. Mellalieu, Sheldon Hanton
CyhoeddwrTaylor & Francis
Nifer y tudalennau38
ISBN (Electronig)978-0-203-88707-3
ISBN (Argraffiad)9780415447638, 978-0415447638
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 10 Rhag 2008

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