Ageing and the Crisis in Health and Social Care: Global and National Perspectives

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Developing a trilayer analysis of global, national and individual perspectives, this book examines ageing and the health and social care crisis. It begins with an examination of how broad structural and discursive trends, such as neoliberalism and globalisation, have influenced the financing and provision of health and social care for older people in Western countries including Germany, Sweden and the UK. It then goes onto discuss the impact that privatisation, ‘choice’ and competition has had on service provision, including how declining social protections have impacted upon employment practices. Four in-depth UK case studies (active ageing, falls at home, discharge from hospitals and end of life care) provide insight into individual’s (both older people and health care workers) experiences of navigating the risky, fragmented and complex health and social care system. Then the subsequent contemporary challenges, such as Brexit and Covid-19, and government responses are discussed. Finally, the book ends by showcasing examples of innovative care solutions that have been trialled in the UK, and what broader cultural and political changes are necessary to provide a more sustainable and dignified health and social care system for older people.
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CyhoeddwrBristol University Press
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ISBN (Argraffiad)9781447348719, 1447348710
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 01 Tach 2021

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EnwAgeing in a Global Context

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