Alphabets and Amulets: Exhibition of Lithographs by Paul Croft 2015

Paul Croft (Arall)

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This solo Exhibition of Lithography by Paul Croft 2015 was held at The Shenzhen Fine Art Institute, Shenzhen, China during August 2015 
Featuring a selection of 58 prints by Croft including prints from the series: Alphabets, Lexicons, Amulets et Animaux à Musée and Waterwalls - this show was both a part retrospective and included new work completed since 2012.
The exhibition came about as result of two previous exhibitions - Fifty: Fifty 30 Years of Drawings and Prints that was shown at MOMA Wales in 2012/13 and also as result of the exhibition  Jie Borders - the joint solo exhibition that was held with Professor Lu Yu from Changsha Central South University, which was held at Changsha Houhu International Art Park in 2014.A small catalogue entitled: 字母表与护身符:保罗·克罗夫特的石版画 was produced to accompany the show. Whilst the exhibition was showing at SZFAI in Shenzhen - Croft worked at The Guanlan International Printmaking Base and produced a  limited edition lithograph
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Man cyhoeddiShenzhen
CyhoeddwrShenzhen Fine Art Institute
Cyfrwng allbwnDim-digidol
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2015

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