Another look at the Dicey-Marshall publications 1736-1806

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The two London presses in Bow Churchyard and Aldermary Churchyard, which were founded by William and Cluer Dicey, are well known to have published a wide range of popular publications during the middle years of the eighteenth century. The Bow Churchyard business was operated by the Dicey family between 1736 and 1763. The Aldermary business was established by them in 1754 but operated by their junior partner, Richard Marshall, who became an equal partner in 1764 and the proprietor in 1770. The Aldermary business was continued by Richard’s son, John, after 1779 and survived until 1806, when it was moved to Fleet Street. Many details concerning the dates of operation of the presses and the business relationship between the two families are not well understood and a number of misconceptions have grown up over the years. The article therefore seeks to collate recently discovered evidence and survey the output of the presses, explaining how the Aldermary business came to be restructured at the turn of the nineteenth century.
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