BOWiki: an ontology-based wiki for annotation of data and integration of knowledge in biology.

Robert Hoehndorf, Joshua Bacher, Michael Backhaus, Sergio E. Gregorio, Frank Loebe, Kay Prüfer, Alexandr Uciteli, Johann Visagie, Heinrich Herre, Janet Kelso

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MOTIVATION: Ontology development and the annotation of biological data using ontologies are time-consuming exercises that currently require input from expert curators. Open, collaborative platforms for biological data annotation enable the wider scientific community to become involved in developing and maintaining such resources. However, this openness raises concerns regarding the quality and correctness of the information added to these knowledge bases. The combination of a collaborative web-based platform with logic-based approaches and Semantic Web technology can be used to address some of these challenges and concerns.

RESULTS: We have developed the BOWiki, a web-based system that includes a biological core ontology. The core ontology provides background knowledge about biological types and relations. Against this background, an automated reasoner assesses the consistency of new information added to the knowledge base. The system provides a platform for research communities to integrate information and annotate data collaboratively.

AVAILABILITY: The BOWiki and supplementary material is available at The source code is available under the GNU GPL from
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Rhif yr erthyglS5
CyfnodolynBMC Bioinformatics
Rhif cyhoeddiSupplement 5
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 06 Mai 2009
DigwyddiadProceedings of the Bio-Ontologies Special Interest Group Workshop 2008: Knowledge in Biology - Toronto, Canada
Hyd: 20 Gorff 200820 Gorff 2008

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