Commentary: Disciplining Bodies

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Young people's bodies have been at the centre of much policy and media discourse of late, forming the focal point of moral panics about obesity, substance abuse, and anti-social behaviour, to name just a few. Political responses to these issues are often focused on finding 'pragmatic' solutions based on a normative understanding of child development. This book, instead, demonstrates the contested and differentiated nature of childhood and youth embodiment. It combines the critical analysis of imagined and disciplined youthful bodies with a focus on young people's lived and performed, embodied subjectivities. Contested Bodies of Childhood and Youth points towards ways of addressing the issues that affect young people's wellbeing without criminalising and stigmatising them. It presents cutting edge interdisciplinary research in an accessible style that seeks to bridge the divide between theory and practice in research.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
TeitlContested Bodies of Childhood and Youth
GolygyddionKathrin Horschelmann, Rachel Colls
CyhoeddwrSpringer Nature
Nifer y tudalennau11
ISBN (Argraffiad)9780230201385, 0230201385
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Tach 2009

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