Constructing an image indexing template for the Children's Society: Users' queries and archivists' practice

Neil Conduit, Pauline Rafferty

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Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of this research is to describe the development of an indexing template to guide the indexing of images using keywords. The template is designed to be used for indexing the image collection held at The Children's Society. Design/methodology/approach – A facet matrix based on analysis of existing studies was used to identify the most popular user query facets from user studies in the literature. A total of 33 archivists were surveyed regarding indexing practice and indexing wish-lists. The results of these investigative activities were synthesised to produce an indexing template. Findings – The results of this study suggest that indexing general entities and activities could be more comprehensive than is currently the case. A practical indexing template is proposed for organisations wishing to index image collections. Originality/value – This article reports a project undertaken on behalf of The Children's Society to design an image indexing system for use with their photographic collection. Its method of enquiry is based on an application and interpretation of the Shatford-Ensor matrix.
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CyfnodolynJournal of Documentation
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2007

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