Contemporary Chinese Printmaking: Prints by Artists from Hunan Province

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This exhibition is the second of a two-part exchange between Aberystwyth and Changsha that follows on from the show:  Jie / Borders Exhibition of Prints by Paul Croft and Professor Lu Yu, which was held earlier in the year at Changsha Houhu International Art Park, China during May 2014.
Curated by Paul Croft, Contemporary Chinese Printmaking was first exhibited at The School of Art Aberystwyth during October and November 2014 and it featured 42 prints by 29 printmakers and members of The Hunan Printmaking Association. The exhibition also included a further 15 prints by students from Changsha Central South University, Changsha Normal University and The Art School at Hunan University of Science and Technology in Xiangtan.
All of the artists included in the exhibition are leading practitioners in their field and many of them including Professor Luo Xiangke, Lu Yu, Wen Mujiang and Huang Yuanqiang have international profiles and teach at institutions throughout China.
Representing three generations of printmakers from Hunan Province - the Masters, Seniors and Juniors; the prints in this show reflect how each of these artists have developed under very different conditions, and at times under varying cultural, social and political circumstances. Including woodcuts, etching, screen printing, lithography and digital printmaking, the show incorporated a wide range of images and subject matter - providing a fascinating snapshot of contemporary printmaking from this part of China.
An accompanying exhibition catalogue ISBN 978 1 899095 38 4 - with contributions from Paul Croft and Professor Luo Xiangke (CNU) was published with support from the Strategic Insight Programme. The exhibition is currently listed on the Touring Exhibitions Group website and a selection of prints from the original show is due to tour to The Museum in The Park in Stroud during March 2016 as part of the IMPRESS International Printmaking Festival. The show is also due to be exhibited at Clotworthy House Gallery in Antrim, Northern Ireland in November 2016.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 10 Hyd 2014
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