CRM Value Chain Enablers: Networks, Culture, and People

Francis Buttle*, Julie Jones, Merlin Stone

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The CRM Value Chain (CRM VC), shown in figure 1, aims to demystify, characterise, and conceptualise CRM. The CRM VC is made up of three Core Processes supported by five Enablers all of which contribute to a firm’s goal of driving up customer profitability. We describe and explain the CRM VC across four articles.

In our first article, we present an overview of the CRM VC; in the second, we explore CRM’s three core processes; in our third article we identify and shed some light on the two of the 5 Enablers: data and analytics, and marketing, sales, and service processes.

In this fourth and final article, we discuss the remaining three Enablers: network relationships, organizational culture, and people.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 26 Meh 2023

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