Customers, relationships and libraries: University of Malta – a case study

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Purpose – The purpose of this research is to analyse the results of a survey conducted in 2003/2004 with regard to the relationship between the University of Malta Library and its customers. Changes to service delivery subsequent to the survey are outlined.

Design/methodology/approach – Results from a series of focus groups, held with library staff and customers were analysed and are discussed in the paper.

Findings – Library customers were bypassing the library services and seeking information elsewhere. Demands for the product were greater than the availability of existing information resources to meet such demand. Consequently new systems were required, together with training for staff and customers in their use, in order to improve the relationship between information providers and users. There was anecdotal evidence of improvements in service subsequent to the survey, and of better relationships developing between library staff and their customers.

Research limitations/implications – A follow-up study to test reactions to changes outlined is desirable.

Practical implications – This study showed that involving customers in service design and delivery can have positive benefits in terms of improving the perception of the library service amongst its customer base.

Originality/value – Shows the practical value of adopting a customer relationship management strategy in university libraries.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 30 Meh 2006

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