Developing a Hyperspectral CLose UP Imager With UV Excitation (HyperCLUPI) for Mars Exploration

Dave Barnes, J. L. Josset, A. J. Coates, C. R. Cousins, Charles Cockell, Matthew David Gunn, Rachel Elizabeth Cross, David Langstaff

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The HyperCLUPI concept incorporates a high resolution, hyperspectral and conventional colour, variable focus camera system which can image targets with resolutions from meters to microns per pixel. The hyperspectral element in combination with fine-scale imaging and UV excitation provides a unique capability that would enable the remote and non-destructive detection and characterisation of priority Mars science targets such as hydrated mineral deposits and organic
compounds; key to the search for life on Mars. HyperCLUPI offers new opportunities for planetary science given its spatial and spectral capabilities, and this paper describes elements of the ongoing HyperCLUPI development work.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2014

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