Developments towards a filter wheel hyperspectral camera for planetary exploration

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The benefits of hyperspectral imaging in remote sensing applications are well established and it is now routinely exploited in terrestrial applications. However the restrictions imposed on mass and power consumption and the extreme operating conditions encountered in extra-terrestrial environments have
limited its widespread use for planetary exploration. Instead multispectral camera systems with typically 10-12 discrete filters are employed, providing only coarse spectral information. By exploiting the properties of interference filters off axis it is possible to obtain additional spectral information. Recent
advances in filter technology have made it possible to develop a simple and lightweight wide angle hyperspectral camera employing a filter wheel. The
theory of operation and early test results from a prototype camera system are presented
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2011
DigwyddiadEPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011 - Nantes, Ffrainc
Hyd: 02 Hyd 201107 Hyd 2011


CynhadleddEPSC-DPS Joint Meeting 2011
Cyfnod02 Hyd 201107 Hyd 2011

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