Expression of recombinant fusion proteins in attenuated bacteria

C. Mohammed Anjam Khan (Dyfeisydd), Carlos Estenio Hormaeche (Dyfeisydd), Bernardo Villarreal-Ramos (Dyfeisydd), Steven Neville Chatfield (Dyfeisydd), Gordon Dougan (Dyfeisydd)

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The invention provides a DNA molecule comprising a promoter sequence operably linked to a DNA sequence encoding first and second proteins linked by a hinge region wherein in that the promoter sequence can be one having activity which is induced in response to a change in the surrounding environment and the first protein can be Tetanus toxin C fragment or one or more epitopes thereof. The invention also provides intermediate molecules having a promoter operably linked to a DNA sequence encoding a first antigenic sequence and a hinge region, and at or adjacent the 3′-end thereof one or more restriction sites for the introduction of a second anti-genic sequence. In addition, the invention provides replicable expression vectors containing the DNA fusion proteins expressed therefrom, bacterial transformed with the vectors and the use of the bacteria, in vaccines.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Rhif y patentWO1994003615A1
Dyddiad blaenoriaeth31 Gorff 1992
Dyddiad ffeilio30 Gorff 1993
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 17 Chwef 1994

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