Extending Polymer Opal Structural Color Properties into the Near-Infrared

Giselle Rosetta, Matt Gunn, John Tomes, Mike Butters, Chris Finlayson

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We report the fabrication and characterisation of near-IR reflecting films and coatings based on shear-assembled crystalline ensembles of polymer composite microspheres, also known as “polymer opals”. Extension of the emulsion polymerisation techniques for synthesis of tractable larger core-interlayer-shell (CIS) particles, of up to half a micron diameter, facilitates the engineering and processing of thin-film synthetic opals, with a tunable photonic stopband spanning an extended spectral range of λ ≈ 700–1600 nm. Samples exhibit strong “scattering cone” interactions, with considerable angular dependence and angle tuning possible, as measured with a goniometric technique. These intense optical resonances in the near-IR, particularly within the important region around λ ~ 800 nm, combined with an appreciable translucency within the visible light spectrum, is indicative of the potential applications in coatings technologies and solar cells.
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Tudalennau (o-i)387-400
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 05 Meh 2024

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