Feature ranking-guided fuzzy rule interpolation for mammographic mass shape classification

Fangyi Li, Changjing Shang, Ying Li, Qiang Shen

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This paper presents a novel fuzzy rule-based interpolative reasoning system for mammographic mass shape classification that is interpretable to medical professionals. In particular, a feature ranking-guided fuzzy rule interpolation (FRI) method is embedded in the proposed system to make inference possible given a sparse rule base, which may occur in dealing with insufficient mammographic image data (and indeed in coping with many other computer-aided medical diagnostic problems). The rule base for inference is learned from a set of labelled morphological features which are extracted from mass shapes. A classical FRI mechanism is integrated with a procedure for feature selection to score the individual rule antecedents in the inducted sparse rule base for more accurate interpolative reasoning. The work is evaluated on a real-world mammographic image data base with promising results, demonstrating the efficacy of the proposed fuzzy rule-based interpolative classification system
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 14 Hyd 2018
DigwyddiadFuzzy Systems - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
Hyd: 08 Gorff 201813 Gorff 2018
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CynhadleddFuzzy Systems
Teitl crynoFUZZ-IEEE-2018
DinasRio de Janeiro
Cyfnod08 Gorff 201813 Gorff 2018

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